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opening iOS app from boss

luca di giorgio 6 years ago in Devices / Other updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 6 years ago 2


watching your webinar, i tried to connect an android and iOS app with boss

The app is milestone mobile for ip cameras

no matter with android 

the setting is  : program  com.milestonesys.mobile , the app opens 

with iOS the setting is correct : apple.com/it/app/milestone-mobile/id498447321?mt=8

but i'm connected with the app store, then i've to open the app and then it runs.

Is there an url command to open the app without using the app store?


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for android devices you use url as you saw in the webinar, for iOS devices, the launch command is a bit different, and it varies from app to app, even tough the developers should have the same code for every app. Best way to get the correct launch code is to contact the developers and they will be more than happy to share it with you. 

You could also try using this in your iOS url: [appname://], example (sonos://), we tried this for a couple of apps and it seems to work.

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I'm the having same problem with 2N Helios Ip mobile iOS app The link to app store.

Shortcut (start program) works great on android, but none of the links i tried worked for iOS. 
I contacted 2N support to get the correct launch link, but they don't seam to know it. They sent me a support link for the iOS app FAQ but there's nothing about the launch link.
So far i've tried 

1)2n-helios-ip-mobile/id795006749?mt=8:// 2) 2n-helios-ip-mobile:// 3) cz.nn.helios_mobile:// and id795006749?mt=8:// and also the full link into app store. None of these opens the app.
On android the link works with cz.nn.helios_mobile

Does anyone know the correct launch code/link for 2N Helios IP mobile?