SCENE Group Address not visible after importing

Sneha V 6 years ago in Devices / KNX updated by De Landtsheer Michael 6 years ago 1


I tried importing KNX Group Address of 'Scene' which is 0/0/3 1 Byte Scene Control but it is not visible in the ComfortClick project. 

Steps followed were as follows:

1. Import KNX Group Addresses from XML file.

2. Define Datapoint type.

3. Select "Next".

4. I get the status as 'Imported Selected Tags'

5. While defining Template, that tag is not visible.


When a group in the project is empty from any object it will not be visible in BOS.

I think it's because there is no information for BOS about the right bit value in this empty group.

I think you can resolve it by manually (right click on KNX in BOS) an then create a IN group where you define the type of bit/byte it should be.

Or when they are many empty groups in your project you can add some dummy objects in this different  groups

I did it with my audio system with 4 channels with each +- 20 groups. It's safe a lot of time after importing in BOS.

I used a dummy module from Berker where you can easy choice the bit of the object you will create with this dummy.

Hope I could help you

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