Dlink 932LB Camera in 4G

Marco Magnani 6 years ago in Devices / Cameras updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago 5

Dear support,

I have an issue with the Dlink 932LB camera. I configured the camera manually in the BOS server application and I stream the video with following settings: Streaming Mode: directly and MJPEG source: http://admin:fucile@

It works perfectly as long as the mobile BOS application (I’m using the last version available per apple IOS) is connected to my local Wi-Fi: I’m able to see the images coming in the application. Instead when the mobile BOS application is connected to the server via 4G the camera image shown is completely dark (I don t see anything)

The strange think is that I’m using with the same configuration in the BOS server another camera (It’s a Grandstream model GXV 3610 FHD) and it works both when the BOS IOs application is connected in local WiFi or in 4G

Can you help me to solve the problem?






Can you share a printscreen from your camera configuration on bOS?

Best regards


tnx for the help... Here the screen capture of the camera setting:

Can someone help me, please?


Hi Marco,

Can you also post a printscreen of the camera configuration on bOS?

Best regards

Dear,here the camera configuration from bOS




Please test with the following settings:

Username: your username

Password: your password


Video Size: 640; 480

JPEG Source: http://%u:%p@%ip/cgi/jpg/image.cgi

Refresh Time: 3000

Mode: None

If the JPEG Source doesn't work, test with: http://%u:%p@%ip/image/jpeg.cgi