Variable Cylic Sending of Commands

Lee Douglas 7 years ago in Devices / Http updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 7 years ago 4

To reduce traffic, I generally set commands to send cyclically at around 5 minute intervals.

In certain circumstances, I would want to "boost" that to get 30 second responses temporarily to closely monitor conditions.

Is there a way to Send Cyclically on a variable time period?


Yes, it is possible.

Set a new timer (e.g. for a temperature object).

Set the timer command to the object you want to "boost monitoring", and choose ReadValueFromStatusAddress or ReadValueFromAddress, depending on what you're using.

Set the seconds to 30.

Set the On Start Command to the Timer Command defined.

Set Autostart to true.

Then use the StartTimer and StopTimer as you need. You can use it manually with buttons to Run and Stop the timer function, or even use the timer inside a logic task, whatever...

So even if you set the Send cyclically to read every 5m, if you use a timer with 30 seconds, it will read the status address every 30 seconds, and the 5m cycle also.

Tested and working

I'd not considered that approach. A neat solution. I'm going to implement a little differently, but thanks for the idea.

Well, neither did I...

Of course it's a workaround, but it was the first thing I remembered to try.

If you find a cleaner solution, please share, there's always utility for new ideas. If I come up with something different, I'll keep you posted also.

Your welcome

You refered cyclic sending commands, but I tried only with read values, but it can be adapted to send values also.