Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds on bOS?

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I'd like to control some Hunter Douglas PowerView blinds and I'm curious if anyone has figured out how to do that.  I'd appreciate your ideas.



I don't know Hunter Douglas products, but a quick search led me to someone who tried the integration by using Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub. It looks like the control can be done by calling blind scenes created on the PowerView Hub.

Credits: skisteep

Please note that if it works, the only thing you'll be able to do is to call Hunter Douglas blind scenes, you won't be able to change them. If you want to change them, you need to change the scene in the Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub first.

- Create the blind scenes on Hunter Douglas PowerView Hub

- Discover the PowerView Hub IP address

- In a browser enter http://YourHubIpAddress/api/scenes?

(change YourHubIpAddress with the LAN IP that you've discovered on the previous step)

It will show something like: (this is just a sample)


Pay attention to the id numbers, you'll need them on the next step.

- In a browser, enter http://YourHubIpAddress/api/scenes?sceneid=X (change X with the one of the id's found). It will call the blind scene. Note down which one is what and what it does, so you can use them later on Comfortclick.

- After getting the scenes you want, you'll end up with something like:

http://YourHubIpAddress/api/scenes?sceneid=14307 (living room scene for example)
http://YourHubIpAddress/api/scenes?sceneid=17520 (kitchen scene for example)

Now you just need to create tasks on Comfortclick, use Http request, and past the URL on the String Editor, and then use them as you wish.

EXTRA: it looks like that the weird characters after the names, are base64 encoded text. So if you want to find out what are the scenes names instead, you can use https://www.base64decode.org/ website, past the characters and click on Decode.

E.g.: QWxsIERvd24 (means "All down").

Happy testing. Please give us feedback if it works.

Ricardo Pinto

That's so helpful -- many thanks!