ETS Failed to read device description

Bor Buh 2 weeks ago in Devices / KNX updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 weeks ago 1

Im having problems with connecting to comfortclick jigsaw in ETS to program devices.

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IP is correct, NAT on or off doest make a difference.


Is your Jigsaw up to date, on software (currently 4.10.14) and system (currently v3 on normal Jigsaw, v11 on Jigsaw Pro)?

I use several clients Jigsaw local KNX interface for programming, and never had that problem.

There was a problem with Jigsaw + ETS 6 combination, that had some issue, but it was solved by ComfortClick team about 2 years ago.

Are you using ETS 5 or ETS 6? Do you have the same error on both (if you can test, obviously...)?

There were some people having the same problem, with random KNX/P interfaces, but as far as I know it was working on ETS 5 but not on ETS 6. Probably not related...

Problem with connecting to MDT IP interface from ETS 6 – KNX Association

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