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the jigsaw has the date and time. is there a way i can extract the data from the jigsaw and put it in a groupsadress, so other knx participants also get the time?

i have an MDT screen that needs a time input in order to display the time. I would like to get the time from the jigsaw


Yes, it's possible.

I use it to update the date and time of the touch panels, so even if there's a power outage, they will all get the correct date and time from bOS every 24h. You just have to adapt it to your needs.

So basically I created two addresses on bOS, one for date, other for time:


Image 4923


Image 4924

And set those addresses on ETS with the desired devices.

In my case, I set the bOS to send the system time every 1440 minutes, which means the touch panels are updated every 24h.

Image 4925

Image 4926

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Thanks alot, got the time working perfectly

only the date is giving me a hard time.

i set the parameters in BOS exactly like yours. added the groups adresses and connected the screens to the correct adresses.

date on the screens are showing 00:00:16

value in bos: 21/06/2024 0:00:00

in the  visualisation it shows: 2024-06-21T00:00:00

how can i get the visualisation to only show a date format and not a date + time. Cause in that value there is only a date.

got it, it just needed to update it. Set the 1440 to 1, and it showed correctly! Thanks!
really starting to love the Jigsaw!


Yes, I forgot to tell you. As I'm using 24h time period, the first time it will update is 24h after you activate it.

But as you already noticed, you can change for 1s just to update right away (as I do), and then setback to how much time you'd want.

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