Acoustic alarm

Henrique Branco 2 weeks ago in Devices / KNX updated 2 weeks ago 4


What is the best way to activate an acoustic alarm when receiving a tekegram from KNX ?

When receiving a telegram (on) it activates an alarm or a sound and only turns off when the same telegram is turned off,

Is possible, thank you

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You can send sound files and TTS with the Messaging task Or with a program - If you need to restart/repeat the sound file I would use a program as in it you can restart the same program until the KNX value is turned off.

Thank you Jürgen,

I already did the message task, but it´s limited by the size of the sounf file
But I need it to be a continuous alarm until I receive the off order.

Do you have an example you can send?

Thanks for your help


Repeating alarm demo.bos
Here is a demo with two options. Plays just the sound file and/or sends a message(Alert or event) that also plays a sound file... Restart time can be the length of the sound file, then it will restart the program if the trigger value is still true/on.