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Good morning, 
I have an NVR video recorder that can send HTTP GET commands. I would like to send commands 
to Comfortclick to turn on devices based on camera detection.
the commands that NVR can send are of the type:
http://ip address:port/saia-irc/alarm_send?open_door

where open_door I added it

However, I cannot connect it with Comforclick, via RPC

Can anyone help me?

A thousand thanks


As far as I know, bOS RPC only accepts POST commands.

So unless your NVR has the option / fields to create POST commands, with the following fields (URL, Method, Content Type, Body), I'm really not sure if you can actually send commands from the NVR to bOS.

Can you share the brand and model of the NVR, and a couple of printscreens of that specicif menu for GET commands?

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Maybe the basic driver as tcp server will work? If you place the correct port to it and regex the open_door response.

Image 4843

thanks, I'll share what I can send on NVR and what I have set on bOS
I'm sorry but I'm not very familiar with the commands in question... thanks!
Image 4848Image 4847Image 4846

I think you need to set it as tcp server - and when you send the command from the NVR to your bOS's ip with the correct port you should see a raw data and encoded data in values tab. I tested it with Postman and seems to work for me.

Image 4849



Test if this works for you. I added a program that turns the value back to false after 5 sec. The NVR wont get a 200 response from bOS tho. 


Jürgen, works! really thank you very much!


Haven't thought of that... Jürgen is always on the edge :) Hope it works!

Btw, I was at Light+Building with the CC team, and I said to them "That guy Jürgen, he rocks on the forum, the guy is great". True story.

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