No response: Read 1/2/1 Devices\KNX\Ground

Sebastian Goff 4 months ago in Devices / KNX updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 4 months ago 1

Hello, all, I’ve got an issue where the integriti Alarm within a building. When turned off it has an output that then goes to an input of Knx which then operates outputs through the Knx. I am using a comfort click controller and for some reason I’m getting this error, but it only happens once and after attempting to arm disarm after the first time it works fine anyone got any ideas what would cause this?

Devices\KNX\Ground Floor|Ground Floor Security|Ground Floor Alarm on/off

26/02/2024 7:10 AM

No response: Read 1/2/1 Devices\KNX\Ground Floor\Ground Floor Security\Ground Floor Alarm on/off.

Make sure the register has a read flag. If you try to read from the output switch command it wont answer.