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climate curve

Diego Gobbo 5 months ago in Devices / KNX updated 5 months ago 6

Hi, is there a way to create a climate curve for modify a setpoint with external temperature change?

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Hello Diego,

there is a way to use our Program task. In the Program task you can add triggers and create a logic function. In this case it would be better to make the temperature ranges e.g. if outdoor temperature is =>25 & =< 28, indoor temperature is set to 20°C.  

You can also check our manuals, how to use Program task in our knowledge base.


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Ok thx, but this is not a tool for climate curve, i need to set multiple point and not in a easy way for customer auto management, by the way, i consider this way for preset static system

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You can also use calculator node/task to do more advanced calculations. Most heating controllers have preset setpoints for given external temperature. 

Thx, i will check how to use calculator at best and if it fit with the solution

Pseudocode demo Tasks climate curve.bos

Under the notes there is a small manual how it works.I dont use it myself so you need to change it as needed in your application.

This is very easy! I'm really grateful to you, now that I see it done it seems easy but I wouldn't have been able to build it on my own!