Http digest authentication

Valentin Popa 6 months ago in Devices / Http updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 6 months ago 3

I try to connect to Hikvision doorbell using http and authentication is Digest Auth. I connect successfully from Postman but not using http from confortclick. Any idea if http suport digest auth and how to do it?  

I haven't tested with Hikvision but Ajax uses hashed passwords too - and it works with bOS. So I would say it should work.

Can you give me example of command with digest authentication? Maybe when I do the call I need to put users and pass or even more things in header

Im inserting the hashed pass to post data, so its different for every api. Try to remove headers - ive noticed that if i send a get command to mikrotik api with headers then it wont work - without headers it works. But no such issue with post commands. When I tested it with postman the same get command in it worked with headers. In Ajax template i had to use headers with every command. So dont know why but some devices dont like bOS headers.