Extraction follows the energy consumption

Dan Sharpe 7 months ago in Devices / KNX updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 7 months ago 1


I have a KNX energy meter in front of a stove, and there is a 0-10V KNX regulation in front of the air extractor, which is already controlled, by percentage from 0-100%.

Energy, DPT type = 14.031

0-100%, DPT type = 5.001

With a consumption on the stove of, for example 300W, the air extraction level should be set to 15%.
At 500W, the level should be set to 25%.
At 1000W, the level should be set to 45%.

The stove's heating element, is switched on and off at a fixed time interval, and the interval becomes smaller, as the stove is regulated to a higher level, and the consumption is getting higher.
After all, the air extraction must remain constant, as long as the consumption is, for example between 300 and 500W.
When the stove is switched off (less than 0.10W), the extraction is desired to continue at 15W for 5 minutes.

Doable with program, if tasks so Trigger will be the stoves consumption and commands set value will be the fan speed 0-10V. And delayed stop if stove is turned off.