Multiple KNX IP interface connections?

Alexandros Toufexis 7 months ago in Devices / KNX updated 6 months ago 2

If we use the same KNX IP Interface or Router (in this case) on multiple points in bOS will bOS use only one channel of the KNX IP Router/Interface, or as many as the connection points?

For example, in a hotel, rooms A101 through A115 are under the same KNX line (1.1). The KNX IP Router of that Line supports 5 channels and its IP is As shown in the picture, we've separated each room for a more clear structure. Is it possible to set all 15 rooms in bOS to the same KNX IP router or will the limit of the IP router will be reached?

Additionally, is there a difference between "KNX IP" and "KNXnet/IP (Falcon)" apart from the ability to remote program the KNX installation with the option of "KNX IP"?

Thank you in advance.

Image 4758

IMO, bOS should use just one connection point. And then you build up the room/apartment tree like you wish. If you use up all the connections the gateway has, you need to disconnect bOS every time you need to diagnose something. 

Here I have two ip interfaces shared for 3 floors.

Image 4759

Thank you for your response.

I have noticed that using "KNXnet/Ip (Falcon)" takes up only one channel of the interface/router, no matter how many connection points there are in bOS. However, each "KNX IP" connection uses a new channel each time, saturating the interface/router.

My question now is if "KNXnet/IP (Falcon)" is designed that way and won't change in upcoming updates, allowing us to use the same interface/router on multiple points in bOS.