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MQTT - Client disconnect

netit 7 months ago in Devices / Other updated 7 months ago 2

Hello - I'm troubleshooting Client connection issues (in a wider context of controlling a Shelly Plus Plug S).

To run my tests, I use an iOS app called MQTTool.


(I also tested another app to do tests, with same results)

My Comfortclick MQTT setup :

Image 4734

Image 4735

I have one client configured ("client2"). And it's enabled.

1) If I use MQTTool, and use "client1" as client id, I'm able to connect and send a message to it:

Image 4736

Monitor :

Image 4743

2) If I use "client2" as client ID (that is configured and enabled in Comfortclick), I'm not able to connect (there is a tentative that is immediatly disconnected). Moreover, when I connect, "client2" gets removed/disabled in Comfortclient Clients list.

Image 4737

Monitor log :

Image 4741

After the disconnect, the client2 reappears in the Client list :

Image 4740

Debug is showing :

Image 4742

Any suggestions ?

Thank you

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each client has to have unique Client ID so MQTT knows where to send commands, if you use two with the same client ID, you will get these disconnects.

try to use different Client ID's and the data should go trough.

Best regards.


Thank you very much.

Test with MQTTool are working great now.

I was lacking a bit of MQTT knowledge, sorry for that.

Have a great day