Doorbird - input by bOS-trigger

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Hi all,

I have a Doorbird unit connected to my bOS.

We've had our regular analog doorbell button connected to bOS to set a boolean value.

Now I'd like to have this value (true/false) sent to de Doorbird unit so it acts as if the native doorbell button was pressed.

How would I set this up within the Doorbird example (which is setup and runs as expected)?


According to the DoorBird example, there's already a boolean for that:

It's under:

Doorbird > TCP Server > Doorbell

Don't forget to enable the TCP Server, as it comes False on the example.

You need to try it out, I haven't tested this, I only use the API to send commands to the relay.

Best regards

Thanks for your quick reply!
As far as I can tell the regex-line only lets met get values from the Doorbird unit "(?<=GET /)\w+".

What kind of element and settings should I use under the TCP server to POST a value to the Doorbird unit?  

(sorry for the amateur question, I'm an enthousiast building my skills within bOS :))

I didn't noticed that you wanted to do the opposite.

I'm not really sure if that's even possible, to post a value to DoorBird to actually trigger a "press of the button".

So let me get this straight, now that I read your request again twice:

You have a normal push button, that you would like to use as a "replacement" or at least simulate the press of the button on DoorBird. Kind of pressing the push button and the DoorBird starts to ring the door call.

May I ask why? I assume that the DoorBird is on the entrance...why the extra button to make the same thing? Just curious :P

This needs to be confirmed on the DoorBird API, I'm not sure if that's possible, to initiate the call via external API command, as I use only simple relay controls.

I'll be read about it :)


So I've found some interesting news on the API documentation.

It looks like it's possible to initiate a sip call.

It's a GET request. Something like (Page 34 of the LAN API doc):

Image 4711

I don't have any unit right now, only in a few weeks, so you'll have to test it.

Create a GET request, or try it on the browser to see if it's working.

Let me know if you need further help.

Best regards 

Sounds promising, thank you for your efforts!

I’ll fiddle with this the oncoming days and come back to share my insights.

As for why:

We used to have a regular Dutch doorbell which would’ve left an ugly hole when removed. Also its position is low enough for our young kids to reach.

And when they do, or parcel delivery does, we’d like to have it trigger the Doorbird app which we use most of the time since bOS doesn’t allow speech communication.

Image 4713

So, after some tries I haven't succeeded yet.

I've set some SIP-settings in the Doorbird app and aligned the GET-operator in bOS... but no interaction.

Looking through the SIP documentation it seems like SIP is only intended for interaction between indoor thrid-party units with Doorbird outdoor units. Fingers crossed there's a way to integrate our analogue button through bOS. :)


I've just sent Doorbird a message with my question, hopefully they'll be able to provide a piece of the puzzle.


As far as I understand, on page 34 there's the indication of the possibility to trigger the call, just like pressing the button.

So I think that's possible, it's just a matter of trial and error.

According to the example, the url should be something like:



Assuming that this is just an example, I'm almost sure that it needs some fiddling.

Can you test the url with just the following:


The sip url termination needs to be a correct and reachable sip address / extension. Assuming that you might not use any PBX or internal monitor, what should be that url as there's not actually IP to call beside the mobile apps? Try it out with just the action=makecall to see if it works as a standard call.

Best regards 

Well, no success on my side. :(

Your suggestion seems to me like a way to reach the doorbell unit from a third-party indoor unit so you could make a call to the person at your front door.

The Doorbird customer service replied that there's no api-support for a simulation of a doorbell button press event.


I don't think so. The API referes to the DoorBird and BirdGuard, so the API SIP call is to be executed from DoorBird and not from a third-party device. Otherwise the url would be totally different, and based on the third party device documentation.

The question is, wtf is the "SIP Make Call" option on the documentation. I can assume that it's to simulate a call from DoorBird (origin) to another SIP address without touching the DoorBird button. If it's to simulate and originate that call, than I think it's just a matter to find out what sip address to call (assuming that you can't have a SIP server in the middle), and therefore fire that API call from your button.

Unfortunately I don't have a DoorBird unit right now, but I'm expecting some units soon, so I'll give it a try when they arrive.

Best regards