Home Connect API for kitchen appliances

Grundnig Vassilios 8 months ago in Devices / Http updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 8 months ago 1


I am trying to integrate Home Connect API to my client's visualization so I can control some kitcen appliances. I have registered to Developers Program (so I can use Home Connect API) but I stuck in the first steps, more specifically in "Step 3: Retrieve Token" (authorization). I am pretty new to API integration but of course i have watched all of Comfort Click's tutorials. For now I am using the simulation mode that Home connect provides. Here is the link https://api-docs.home-connect.com/quickstart/ .Any help appreciated. Thank you in advance!

These are the needed values in yellow for step 3: Make sure you have filled out all the info you get from step 1 and 2 - I think/read that the redirect url is optional all else should have a value. If these post data values are filled you should get a correct response.

Image 4700

Here is some more info on error codes https://api-docs.home-connect.com/authorization/#authorization-errors - try to figure out what data is missing in the step 3's post data.

I don't have any of these devices or the dev access to the api.