Solution to connect bOS with PLC Logo!8

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I am looking for a solution to connect bOS with PLC Logo!8 to control an intermediate memory area.



I'm not aware of any usable official http API that can be easily used with Siemens Logo.

Someone found a workaround, but as far as I read, it doesn't look to much stable in my opinion. The access was basically reversed engineered to get a Security-Hint to be usable during the entire session and eventually forever. The problem is that there's only one Security-Hint possible at a time per browser / script, so as soon as you log in on the Logo or use the script on other side, the Security-Hint is no longer valid and the integration will stop working. So in my opinion, this is not a stable usable API at all.

Feel free to read about it:

GitHub - jankeymeulen/siemens-logo-rest: Trying to make sense of the Siemens Logo sort-of built-in REST API

There was another project from a German person, but it would require a middleware, which I don't think it makes sense. Also the project ended and it's no longer active.

I know there's an addon for the Logo, which is a KNX module, but I don't know if it lets every information from the Logo to be linked to group addresses.

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Hello again,

I have to apologise, as apparently there's an integration available with Siemens Logo, but you'll have to use Modbus.

I totally forgot that there's an integration posted on the ComfortClick Library, by Fredrik Johansson:

Siemens LOGO! - Smart Home Building Automation Software - ComfortClick bOS

I don't own any Siemens Logo right now (I installed lots of them several years ago), so I can't test it out and guide you through. But have a look at it. You'll need, either a Modbus dongle, or owning a Jigsaw Pro (that already has Modbus connection).

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Correction: you don't need any of those options, as the connection between bOS and Logo is done via Modbus TCP. Sorry for the glitch.

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Thank you so much for your help.