Direct Connection to KNX IP Backbone

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I have a KNX installation with an IP backbone and 4 areas connected via IP routers. Currently, the BOS server is connected to one of the routers using the connection type 'KNX IP'.

In order for status messages, etc. from the other areas to reach the server, I have created a dummy object there in the ETS. Unfortunately, this slows things down considerably, as all commands pass through the area.

Is it possible to directly integrate the server into the IP backbone? I suspect that this might be achievable through the ConnectionType 'KNXnet/IP Routing (Falcon)'. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to establish a connection through this without guidance. Do I perhaps need to set up something like a dummy router in the ETS? Regrettably, I haven't come across any instructions or tutorials on this topic.


I have no experience with KNX IP Routers, but rather only with Line Couplers which I use quite often.

As far as I know in your case, and as you pointed out, every telegram has to be redirected to the backbone, by using dummies or editing the filter tables manually. In some cases, there's people saying that they've used some third-party devices from other brands to manage the traffic, which sucks because you only want to use the ComfortClick as visualization.

I almost never used dummies (I only use dummies when I need to create some mandatory empty addresses). Usually I use the "Pass through Line Coupler" on the groups or specific addresses, so I'm basically editing the filter tables manually.

If you don't want to use any kind of third-party device, it seems that the KNXnet/IP Routing (Falcon) should be the best option. You'll have to pass all the telegrams on the couplers, which will create a lot of traffic, but it should work in theory. In practice you might loose some telegrams along the way, if the lines generate too much traffic. You can also only pass through line coupler the telegrams you really need (unless the server is being shared by those 4 "clients" and each one needs to see everything in their own line.

As for the "KNXnet/IP Routing (Falcon)" option on the ComfortClick, have you checked if the multicast IP address is correct? It should be the same multicast address that the IP routers are using.

If you place the server on the backbone, and you change the KNX connection to the "KNXnet/IP Routing (Falcon)", do you get any connection error?

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