Spotify to HEOS (or Sonos)

Joost vB 11 months ago in Devices / Other updated 11 months ago 2

Hi Comfortclickers,

With our HEOS-system connected to our Jigsaw I'm starting to wonder is there's a way to make bOS play a track/playlist on our HEOS-speakers (or a HEOS group)? If there's no integration yet, will there be in the future?

Thanks for your feedback!


There's a basic integration of HEOS on bOS available at the Examples Library:

Denon HEOS - Smart Home Building Automation Software - ComfortClick bOS

Regarding playing specific playlist or specific track, can't really tell. The API documentation is a 44 extensive page document, available at: HEOS_CLI_ProtocolSpecification-Version-1.17.pdf (dmglobal.com)

It needs time for someone to read the documentation, to see if it's possible.

As there's a basic integration already available, I'm not sure if the bOS team will have spare time to look at it and extend the integration. I'm sure that if someone here is using HEOS (not my case), will probably share any new features for the already existing integration, if asked.

Best regards

Thank you for your reply Ricardo!

Looking at the CLI-doc it seems there's currently no integration possible for Spotify (Section 1.1).

I was looking for a music service node that could interact with connected speakers (like SONOS and HEOS).

Hopefully there's room on a wishlist! :)