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KNX/IP Gateway

Michiel Kenis 1 year ago in Devices / KNX updated 1 year ago 6

I see a lot of questions "similar to mine", but all refer to a much older version of the bOS, and seeing a lot of KNX interface updates in the changelog, this might justify my new question. 

I'm trying to connect hardware to my KNX by using my Jigsaw as IP Gateway. While configuring, the bOS KNX Server is correctly detected; as is the IP address. 

But when trying to control a device (let's say a light), nothing really happens. I'm monitoring the bus both by ETS Diagnostics, as well as bOS logs; but no traffic is detected. 

Am I missing some kind of option/activation? 

Image 4559

Image 4561

Confirm connectivity: Ensure that the Jigsaw is properly connected to the KNX bus. Check the power supply and KNX bus polarity.

Hi Jürgen, 

Thanks for getting back to me. As my Jigsaw is currently working fine, all those things are properly configured. So nothing more to check I guess. 

@Comfortclick, do I need the additional Gateway license for this? 



Hello Michiel,

are you doing this locally or externally? It looks like you're doing this locally, so it should be working normally. Also is your KNX Server enabled under your Jigsaw node under General? 

That has to be enabled in order to make a proper ETS connection.

Best regards.

Hi there, 

Yes, it's done locally and my KNX Server is enabled. ETS is not really involved in this, I have another piece of hardware trying to connect to my KNX through the IP Interface of the Jigsaw. 

After some checking, I found out "reading" is just fine, but it's the "writing" part I'm currently suffering with. My log is cluttered with the error: 

- General\Jigsaw - Error connecting to device. No Ack

- General\Jigsaw - Device is connected

This on every attempt to "write" (e.g. turn on a light). "Reading" the light (check if it's on) goed just fine and instantly, even without delay. 

I tried "Connection Type" both "Jigsaw" and "KNX IP", but this made no difference... Does this information help you helping me? :-) 



Under review

Hello Michel,

hm we might have some other issues here as well. I'd suggest opening a ticket on our website and we can continue there, the support there is also free so don't worry :)

Best regards.


Sure thing. I have ticket ##9320 for you! 

Thanks in advance,