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buttons not working

stephen andries 1 year ago in Devices / KNX updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 1


i'm new here. i have just started building my knx installation. I want to use my jigsaw pro for visualisation.

What i've done so far, is create a simpel button that switches an output on my actuator. It all works perfect including status feedback on my button.

Then i exported my project out of ets6, and imported it in bOs configurator. Both groupadresses show up perfectly (status and switching)

now i created a template and dragged the switch button on it, but it doesn't work. i can acces the visualisation on my webbrowser perfectly, i see the button i've created, but if i click it, nothing happens.

i've tried setting the value from boolean, to switch, to undefined, .... enabled transfer, read and write under the communication tab from the groupadress .... nothing seems to fix it.

i've watched the tutorials, but they are outdated, the current popup interaces when importing ets project, are different now, i'm not able to select sertain things the do in the video

any ideas?

Under review

Hello Stephen,

great to hear you're using ComfortClick for your next project :)

When pressing the button in the visualization, do you get any errors at the top or just nothing happens? If you drag the button into the visualization and then change the template, they will not effect the visualization, you'll have to re-add them.

By the looks of it, you don't have the template set correctly. By default, all devices or variables are set as Label in the visualization (example below). Also some templates are still a label in the visualization.

Image 4531

Same button with and without template. The left one is set as Label and can't be clicked. The right one has template and it can normally be controlled. Try double checking that and you can get back to us if the issue has been resolved.

Best regards.