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Matteo Cavatorta 1 year ago in Devices / Other updated by Stephen Andries 1 year ago 3


anyone know how to integrate Home Connect devices?



Home Connect has an extensive API to control their appliances, which needs to be integrated manually on bOS.

You can find the initial steps and more information here:


I haven't seen any example on the ComfortClick Knowledge Base, so I assume that no one here probably has tried it yet.

Home Connect also has a virtual environment with simulated appliances, for those how don't have any Home Connect appliances but want to test the API.

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Hello again,

I've been playing very quickly with the API and their simulators on their web resources, and I think it's probably doable on bOS.

The problem is that this all process is time consuming, and (don't get me wrong) most of us on the community probably won't have much time left to dedicate to investigate or develop a stable integration for Home Connect devices, unless someone is actually using Home Connect devices and would like to help further.

If you would like to invest some time on their API, they have some simulators that you can use to test them out, like coffee machine, dishwasher, dryer, fridge, oven, and washer.

I'm sorry not to be able to help you further in this stage, but unfortunately it's not possible at the moment.

I had success on the device flow authorization. So what I can tell you, is that whenever I have some time left I will try to explore the API, and see if I can get somewhere. You never know when a customer shows up and asks for this integration, so it can also be useful for me. But without any promises.

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i'm New to bos. I have orderd a jigsaw pro, but still waiting for it to arrive. 

i was hoping to control home connect device using the jigsaw. 

has nobody been able  to do so yet?