2N IP Solo Integration

Michele Calzolani 1 year ago in Devices / Other updated by Jürgen Jürgenson 1 year ago 6

Hi guys,
is there anyone already integrated 2N Ip Solo with Comfort Click?

Best is to use the Mobile Video app until there is a integration with bOS(This has been requested many times before). For now you can make a shortcut to the Mobile video app inside bOS. 

Hi Jurgen, can you explain to me better your way to overcome the problem? Thks

For 2N Mobile Video app
Android: com.nn.my2ncommunicator

iOS: itms://apps.apple.com/us/app/2n-mobile-video/id1188403431

Image 4505

Hi Jurgen,
this way I can open the mobile 2N App in a frame on Comfrot Click.
Did I get right?

No it works as a Shortcut to the app, and just starts/opens it, so if the client is already in bOS he/she has a working shortcut. It wont open it in bOS frame. Also the app needs to be installed otherwise the shortcut will just diplay an error.