HomeKit - Window Shutter

Duarte Saraiva 1 year ago in Devices / Other updated by Bozidar Mijatovic 1 year ago 1

Good evening,

I installed the beta version of bOS in order to mess with HomeKit, and, more specifically about the window shutter, I find that the values that it requested were inverted for my shutters setup (HomeKit requires 0 for closed and 100 for open, my shutters require 0 for open and 100 for closed). I think the dev team could add an option to invert those values.


I believe that HomeKit on bOS follows the manufacturer guidelines. But no one better than the ComfortClick team to answer that question.

In fact on KNX (assuming that you're using KNX), 0% is fully opened and 100% is fully closed.

Om the visualization it's possible to invert the graphics, but I don't know if that's enough for you.

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