Lightning scene dimming bar step

Diego 2 years ago in Devices / KNX updated 2 years ago 4


is it possible to change lightning scene dimming bar step from 10% to 5% or 1%?

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Yep its possible. Bar step setting can be found here.

If its set to 100 it has 1% steps.

Image 4421

Thanks for your time and your answer.

But what about bar steps at scenes:

Image 4424

can't find anything that allows me to change bar step for lights that are in an already preset scene.


Oh yeah - I missed that you need to change them in scenes - I don't think its possible right now. But maybe they will fix that. 

But what you could do is use the Learn function in scenes. SO if the client has made his changes the way he/she wants. Then pushing the learn button will overwrite the values. Or make a control panel with the lights dimming options - with separate learn buttons, scene 1 learn, scene 2 learn etc so you could make your changes on a one page(control panel) and option to update all scenes... 

Thank you. 

Hope they will add it.