Communication between two Jigsaw

Kristián Vojčík 7 years ago in Devices / Basic updated by isaac Afolabi 7 years ago 3

Hello. In last webinar I ask if you can communicate over TCP between two Jigsaw. I got answear about how, but how I separate similar data like lights or temperatures or something like that. Maybe working example will be great if you have time for that. Thanks.

Hi kristian

           I can see you are already making progress in your configuration.Please i am a starter can you give me some useful hint on configuring IP CAMERAS,LIGHT AND THERMOSTAT and how to set up a task nad a schedule.


Hi Isaac.

Of course I can help you. But I suggest you to try help section in bOs, it is very good and detailed, about cameras I try only one type of Vivotek camera so there is a chance I wont be able to help you. Everything else I shoud be able to help with, but it will be better if we can communicate over Email so I can send you some example. Or if you have specific question feel free to ask. :)

Thanks Kristian,

This is my contact details: bezafo44@gmail.com