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Sonos function (remember now playing)

CS Domotic CS Domotic 7 months ago in Devices / Sonos updated by Christophe MILLARD 3 months ago 7

Hello ervryone,

I have probably a basic question but I don't understand what this function does ?

Any ideas or exemple ?

Under review


it was intended as a function to use in case you want to use sonos as a doorbell:

Playing music, someone rings the bell, sonos will save currently played, play custom ringbell song, and continue playing previous song.

Currently it's not working quite as intended and its not 100% it will be permanently added into bOS.

If we manage to make it work, we'll post an example for this function for all to download.

Best regards.


Thank you for the answer. I hope work fine quickly, because I use sonos for ring bell with doorbird, at this moment the function not work.

We are strongly interested by this feature, as Sonos has very opened APIs :)


RememberNow Playing function works improved greatly and it should work okay now.

Best regards

hum, I'm it seems I'm up to date: 4.8.20

Could you explain how the "RememberNow Playing" function works?

And then, how to resume?

And I confirm that most of time it doesn't work. 

Hello Mr. Christophe,

please look at your other thread, we will post an example.

Best regards

Okay, I'll have a look on it!

Thank you :)