GC disconnection

Francois Lesueur 2 months ago in Devices / Global Caché updated 2 months ago 2


I've got several GC modules on several bOS systems. 

On all of these systems (Grinder, Jigsaw KNX, Jigsaw Z-Wave) the GC gets sometimes disconnected, at random. Sometimes it reconnects in a matter of seconds ; sometimes it doesn't reconnect and the only solution is to disable and then re-enable the device, or to restart bOS. 

1st question : is there any ways to fix that ? 

2nd question : I can make a test before using GC to check if it is connected or not. But then what can I do ? It seems that it is not possible by program to disable a device, or to restart bOS. Is that correct ? Any other solutions ? 



Hi Francois,

Had similar behavior in the past. It came from IP address interferences... no disconnection ever since I've set all my GC device on fix IPs. Hope this can help...

Hi Fabien,

Thank you for the tip. I will move to fix IP and cross my fingers :-)