Garden irrigation system control

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I need to control 10 zones of watering with the following parameters:
- to switch on them for a certain period of time with the ability to change it

- selected devices should switch on one by one with a delay. 

For example, I select in Scene  "zone 1" and setup the timer for 10 minutes, "zone 5" setup the timer for 5 minutes and "zone 6" setup the timer for 10 minutes, so in overall my Scene should run for 25 minutes. I would need to run it in sequence "zone 1" after 10 minutes switch off and with 2 minutes delay start "zone 5" after 5 minutes switch off another delay for 2 minutes and switch on "zone 6" for another 10 minutes.

As I'm a newbie so any help would be appreciated and thank you in advance everyone.



I have some costumers with that irrigation sequence.

I've basically done something like this:

- Set a timer for each zone (this way you can also start stop each sector individually on the visualization);

- Created a Task, which starts the sector 1, waits for x minutes (set by the timer), and when it finishes, the next sector starts, and so on; In this example, sector 1 starts, there's a delay of 15m, the sector 1 ends and sector 2 starts, and so on; You can set different minutes for each sector, because the task sets the delay between sectors based on what you set on each timer.

And then, you need to set up the Schedule, to basically start the sequence when you need.

Tip: If you need some sector not to work/irrigate, set the timer of that sectors to zero minutes, and the Task will take care of it (it will probably show some "error" like -1 on the timer, but don't worry, it works). Unfortunately, that zero timers will start stop immediately for a fraction, that will lead to the sector to sprinkle some water drops, but it's for a second or so. I will probably end up by improoving my task later on.

So I think that's basically what you want to do.

I'm attaching an example. You need to adapt it to your needs and set the visualization as you would like to.

Mine is like this:

Irrigation example: Casa AP-Rega demo.bos

It probably needs some fiddling, but that's the idea.

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