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Lee Douglas 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 6 years ago 6

Trying to create a button that opens a form panel.

I've created my sub-panel, but when I select "Enable Form" and "Form Panel" in the master screen, it asks me to "select path" and I have no sub-panels listed to choose from.

Where must the sub-panel be located in the heirarchy to show up?

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for now, a button can only open Control panels, so if you want to open any panel using a button, you must add a Control in your configuration in order for it to show with your Select Path window.



i'm already familiar in the use of form panels, and i'm wondering if there is a way to close it through a button or a script (instead to touch the "x" in te up right corner)?


unfortunately for now, you can only close panels using the "X" button.



Sorry to dig in this old post...

I have a Control panel, and a Node control button on the visualization. When I click the button to open the Control, it gives an error and the visualization blocks.

The error is:

CMClient.getDeviceFormCallback: TypeError: Não é possível obter a propriedade 'length' de uma referência não definida ou nula

Something like "It's not possible to get the 'length' property of an undefined or null reference".

Any tips on that?

BTW, I've done further testings, and it seems that it gives that error if I don't have the controls on the Control panel inside a frame. If they are inside a frame I don't get the error... is it supposed to?



could we schedule a teamviewer session so I can try to see the error live? It would help me greatly to better understand and see what the issue might be, but there could be something wrong with the config, we shall see. You can contact me and provide the tw info on david.boben@comfortclick.com

Best regards,

Hi David,

Thank you for your availability. Not sure when I'll be available to do that, but will try it soon.

To give you a hint about the problem, you can have a certain control, where you can use the "Enable form" and point it to a certain panel.

The thing is, in that panel, if the controls are not in a frame (either in free or automatic positioning), when opening the panel it will give that error. If the controls are in a frame (either in free or automatic positioning), the error does not occur.

Also, if the panel has more than one frame, it looks like it only opens the last frame. So, if someone is experience this, please use one frame only.

If it's supposed to be mandatory, having the controls inside a frame on a panel opened trough other control, please "try catch" a graceful message :-)