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Token Name for shelly device

Miguel Paredes 2 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by Ricardo Pinto | visiontech pt 2 years ago 4

hi where can i the Token  Name for shelly devices

im trying to read the temperature using a interger device as is showed in the mqtt video for BOS

but i do not know what is the token name to write.

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Hello Miguel,

do you receive any json response from the command, so you can parse the temperature out? In most cases you get reponse like this:

"name": "temperature"
"id": 0,
"tC": 24.4,
"tF": 75.9
"name": "humdity"
"id": 0,
"hum": 76.9

If you want to parse out the temperature values out you then use "sensors[0].tC" as token name to parse the temperature values out.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,

hi this is what i get using mqtt explorer

{ "0": { "hwID": "2842aa76e0013c34", "tC": 28.9 }, "1": { "hwID": "28e5c876e0013c7f", "tC": 29.1 }, "2": { "hwID": "28e3f076e0013c77", "tC": 28.4 }}

what will be my token ID then???

hi, any tip on how to create this token?  im stuck in this step



I advise everyone having this problems, to use a JSON path expression tester first, it would save you a lot of problems and it would help you test the tokens.

I've used your JSON response, and if I use the following tokens, I get each value:




For each of the above, I get 28.9, 29.1 and 28.4 as expected.

Best regards