LG TV Integration (ON/OFF)

Nathan Meinck 2 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by Grzegorz Kulinski 2 years ago 4

I'm using the LG TV Device in CC on a 2021 LG TV (webOS 6). There doesn't seem to be a Power On / Off function. From what I gather the TV is disconnected from the network when powered off (via remote - standby? I would have thought standby would have kept connection with the router). Is there a way around this? i.e. through TV settings? As it's pretty annoying telling a client that they have to power up the TV via remote first before automations will start.

Love to know what people have done in this space, I really don't want to add a IR sprayer to the mix just to turn off and on.


Does everything else work when its powered On and connected? I own two LG models(webOS is 5.3.0-2206 on the newer one) and they both turn on and off with bOS. 
I think it would be best if you make a ticket for this problem. Or try to relink them.

I have the same problem, when turned off BOS loses connection so I suspect it's a webOS 6 issue?


OK I worked it out (I think? As I did a few changes :-), 

TV setting to allow "TV on with Mobile" under devises

This still didn't work as only works over wifi and I was connected via Ethernet

So added WIFI, had to physically disconnect Ethernet as it just wanted to connect via Ethernet. 

Then remove my static IP that I'd set up

And it works :-)

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The problem of controlling televisions via IP often appears when TV is connected to the LAN network via a cable. It seems to me that some TV manufacturers most likely disconnect LAN socket (or partially support it) after the TV goes into Standby mode. I have experienced this problem several times, the last time, when I tried to add a Samsung TV to SmartThings and Google Home. The device connected via Ethernet was not available. Switching to wifi solved the problem (when adding the TV to SmartThings, a message appears to connect the device to the local network via wifi).