Counterlog or calculation only activated based on given input

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I'm looking on a way to calculate cost of energy properly.

In fact, the energy counter is sending a code about the actual energy cost profile. My goal is to get the cost calculated properly based on the current activated profile and change the cost rate accordingly.

So far, I did find a way to get the calculation only activated when the given cost code is set, or enable/disable the recording in a corresponding counterlog.

ie example :

code 1 is for high cost rate, code 2 for low cost rate.

high cost rate calculation should only apply (or be recorded) during the time period code 1 is send on the knx network and toggle to low cost rate calculation when given knx message toggles.

Any idea how to set this up ?


Under review


can you read only total energy or can you also read other objects like power, separate energy on low/high tariff?



I only have the total energy info and actual tariff info coming out of the module. therefore I was wondering how to setup the calculation and recording, in order to display the costs info.




we made an example which will resolve your problem regarding the high/low consumption. Simply download it and Import it to your configuration, link the correct addresses and it should work as you asked. All tasks and variables are named accordingly and should be easy to read. Feel free to ask any follow up questions.

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Thanks. Will use the ticketing system in the futur.

Whouaw... I would never have done someting like that ! Thanks for your help.

However, it is clear and obvious for the tariff and tariff profile input, but can you please confirm that only the "total energy" is to be linked to current energy (value in kWh) on top ? Nothing more?

Thanks again,

The current energy displays your current energy consumption, which is then calculated in either low or high cost to get the correct currency or price. How would you like to link the current energy?


OK, so I missed something here...

I linked the tarif selection input and corrected high and low price. However, to get it working I need to link somehow the total energy information given by the knx module to your calculation. I was looking to the various content of your file and guessed I need to link this information output to your "current energy" double variable. Am I wrong ?


Yes, total energy information given by the knx module should be linked to our "current energy" in order to get the correct values.


OK, done and working perfeclty well !

Thanks a lot for your support. Can be set to answered.


Good to hear everything is working :)

Best regards.