anyone using amazon echo?

Andy Gill 7 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by Jose Puig 6 years ago 8

just got an Echo and it impressive, anyone working with it and BOS?

Yes. Currently just testing it. I made it to connect from AWS to bOS RPC.

how are you grtting on with it?

I've made a custom skill and smart home skill. Both are working good.

Your better than me I'm not getting it at all...

Hi Guys,
How is it with the amazon echo? is it working ok?

Thanks! I'm waiting for this for a loong time!

I have two integrated Amazon with Bos, and the truth is that it works pretty well and is very easy to configure.
Is there something concrete that you need to start?
There are two things to configure, one the part of Boss (simple) and the other the part of Alexa, in which you have to activate the Bos Skill.
If you want me to specify something more I am at your disposal.
a greeting