Buttons on dashboard not refreshing when using scenes

Nathan Meinck 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by anonymous 3 years ago 6

If I manually change the light status (on/off or brightness) the button shows correct status on the dashboard, however when using a scene to control the light(s) the button / dimmer doesn't refresh and therefore shows incorrect status. This becomes confusing for the user as it's showing the wrong status of the devise.

Should I be using the 'request values' function in the associated scene to force the update?

When I used 'request values' for 6 devises (lights) in a program and triggered it when the scene was activated it did what I expected which was update the dashboard, however it was extremely slow and therefore is not an acceptable solution.

What's the best practise solution for this scenario?


Have you linked the status values for dimming? Also check your device config so it updates its statuses on change - not on request.

Thanks for the response, for some context I'm using Z Wave Fibaro controllers.

And thanks, no I didn't have request status after set turned on.

I have now:

Which makes a lot of sense, my options are slightly different to yours.

Unfortunately this still didn't work, I'm pretty new to ComfortClick so big learning curve.

If you have any other pointers please feel free to send through.


UPDATE: The ON scene seems to update the UI, but not the OFF scene

Ok, yep Z-wave does not have status separately. Have you tried to turn On the Status polling?

OK, so I did bit of testing with different options, I can get the outcome I was after (buttons refreshing with correct status) by just having Request Status After Set = True. The others remain false.

However, I now get a 4 second delay when I press a button before the status updates. The physical light or blinds will respond almost immediately but the dashboard button takes 4 seconds. So if the user can't see the physical light turn on they press the button again and again.

When I set Request Status After Set = False the button updates within a second but I'm back to not having the buttons displaying the correct status when using the scenes to control the lights, i.e. back to where I started.

I don't want to use polling as this is occurs every 5min (or whatever you set it to) and I only use polling when updating values for reports / graphs, e.g. temperature sensors

Anyway, these are my observations and I could be misunderstanding the correct purpose for each status.

As said I can achieve the required outcome with Request Status After Set = True only, but button response is unacceptable.

Any more ideas (best practice) would be greatly appreciated.


As its Z-wave i dont think it can go any faster. I tested it too and had same results, for me with request status on false it changed status ~2s and with status set to true it took about ~4s for it to change. I think it depends how many nodes it has to hop thru.

Thanks for the response, I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this as it's a bit of a killer when using scenes, which everyone does.

Are there ways to optimise the Z Wave network?  

Are there work arounds in CC?