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French Presence simulator

Eloy L. G. 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by Pedro Jorge 2 years ago 3

Hi there,

How can I to tanslate this to french?

Image 3479

I dont think you can edit the default frame as its locked. But you can make your own, with panel or a frame.

In the picture on the left is the original frame and on the right is the one you can make yourself. Just drag and drop your buttons and rename them as you like.
Only the Device list function is missing. But its not needed if you add in all your devices and never plan to change them... But its useful if the client want to change them from bOS app.

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present simulator can be translated into different languages. Simply drag and drop the present simulator into your visualization then use our built in translation tool (General - Translations), add your language in and translate the Present simulator buttons (image attached, example for Slovenian language).

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How can we populate device list so end user can choose what lamps are part of the simulation at any time ? 

As it can be done on a scene ?