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Analog Log limits

nadeem sadyia 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 3 years ago 7

Hello everyone,

I have 6 Analog Logs, when I put them in a panel page only 2 are working !!

is it a limitation in bOS or I'm doing something wrong ? 

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can you provide more info regarding the problem? Are the values coming in the analog log if you open it? If you put only 1 in frame is it working ok? (6 logs on 6 panels). Any additional will help resolving this problem.

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Thank you for the support,

- Are the values coming in the analog log if you open it? no

- If you put only 1 in frame is it working ok? no

- (6 logs on 6 panels) : same situation

i can see the correct avg at the top showing 0 - 1 but no graph display  


I may know what you're saying:

I've tested with 3 analog values, and if you keep the "Fill plot" option in each log, I actually can't see one of the three logs.

In fact, with that option on it only shows 2/3 logs, probably because of any kind of any problem about overlapping plots. How would you be able to blend so many colors if all the logs were to be filled in?

If it's ok for you, enter the collections of the analog log on the visualization, and in each one of the logs set the "Fill plot" option to false. That way you'll get line or step plot, without any problems on overlapping.

Hope it helps.

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Thanks Ricado,

color blending doesn't apply because each log has only one value, so 6 logs with 6 values, I tried to disable Fill plot 

 unfortunately that didn't fix the problem, attached screenshot ss.jpg


@nadeem please open a ticket in our ticketing system and we'll arrange a remote session and we can check the situation together and try to resolve it.

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Sorry, I thought that you were having problems with one graphic with several logs in it.

In fact that's strange. To be honest I've never used / needed analog logs for 1/0 values. I have some temperature and energy logs and never had any problems. I'm sure I can create some 1/0 logs coming for lights or alarms, to compare your results.

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Thank you for the support

I will finish the complete set of our devices which are 34 and make logs for each, So we can check properly  

( 68 total is this workshop or 34 logs with 2values in each log  ) 

It will be nice if we have an option to put all values in one log with option to choose which one to display in the user interface.