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Dropping connections

Michiel Kenis 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by Paul G 3 years ago 4

I have a series of Programs scheduled overnight, and it came to notice some of them did not ran due to connection errors. As they are depended on each other, connection-drops cause. When I take a closer look to the logs, I see a lot of my devices (if not all) periodically drop connection... I'm not so much worried about the Hue, SonnyBoy and Electricity monitor connections, but the KNX device which needs to reconnect every other minutes worries me... 

Is this a know issue? Or more network related? Or...? 

Thanks for your help.

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is this one of our Jigsaw servers or one of your own hardware that the configuration is running on?

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Thanks for getting back to me. 

Yes, this is on my JigSaw server; bOS 4.8.15 (stable)

Once the KNX device is "reconnecting", my bOS iOS app also blocks completely. So I have no control of my house every other minute, until it reconnects automatically again. 



That's sometimes bad connection between the device and the network, which forces BoS to restart, I have seen it a few times. SOme other times, a wrong instruction makes BoS to abend, hence it resets itself, I ahve seen this when receiving wrong data from KNX and forcing into a defined variable in BoS that basically cannot be handled, what makes again BoS to abend and restart itself - you might have more details of the root cause in the log if you put on the trace mode, there are some exceptions that basically make BoS abend, the team might want to see the log to handle those scenarios and avoid an abend

actually checking your screen, at 01>16>24 you have the instruction being executed that makes the BoS  server abend, you're likely having an issue in the way you invoke an instruction because of the data being processed by BoS, you need to put the trace mode on check the exact data point and order making it to abend to really understand the root cause