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How to add the yamaha music cast on the bOS?

Panayiotis Evgeniou 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 3 months ago 13

How to add the yamaha music cast on the bOS?

I have this av receiver :  https://europe.yamaha.com/en/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v6a/index.html

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If they have an open API, providing command lists for sending to the device, you could use our HTTP driver to send/receive commands to the device, if the open API isn't available (which it's not in this case, i think), the integration into bOS isn't possible.

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I have send mail to Yamaha to ask if there is an open API. Can you send and you to ask?


where you find the commands?

And you don't need anything else :)

I have been using YAMAHA audio devices for years and I sell and install them in my smarthome projects.

Found on various forums and adapted to my own needs.

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do you have any ready driver?

Http Yamaha RX-V481.bos
This is working on RX-V481 - I have not tested it with other models, but in theory it should work with other models too. This is my own test template so there may be some things I haven't finished.  

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I made some changes. Recalling net radio presets was missing. I'm still trying to figure out how to search net radios from bOS as this doesnt give me the answer im looking for yet. But if you have saved some stations already it should show up in the net radio preset list - polling for it is set to 10min right now.

Marked in the picture in red 1. You can also save the current playing radio to any preset nr 1 to 30. First select the save nr and then press "Store preset" 2. Or recall it by the save nr by first selecting the preset save nr and pressing "Recall preset". Or just press play behind the radio you want to listen, I only added 10 presets in the demo template.Http Yamaha AV receiver.bos

Image 4787

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thank you very much for your support. Now I want to do scene for example movie time and send value for a few lights, turn on the AV receiver and choose a source for example hdmi1 (ip TV) turn on the TV (Samsung TV) I have not the codes and maybe play with IR .... If I have the IR codes I can to create a HTTP IP driver for TV?