Calculation - to the power of...

Dejan Recek 3 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 3 years ago 2

I have a problem calculating correct value from Modbus registers of my device where decimal places are implemented by scale factor which is the power of 10. 

EG: if actual DC voltage is 50.45V the DC voltage register reads 5045 and DC voltage scale factor register is -2 which translates to 5045*10E-2=50.45
Unfortunatelly the scale factor keeps changing in regard to actual value so fixed scale factor is not an option.

A "dirty" workaround is with a program activated on change of either register values and then calculating via if-then method but it is inefficient and clumsy could be a source of error if program is interrupted.

Is there any other way to do exponentiation in a calculation like i.e.: number ^ exponent = ...


I had the same problem trying to resolve this issue with SolarEdge scaling factor. I don't know if Comfortclick team has any solution to this as of yet but I found a way how to resolve this, maybe it'll help you too.

Calculation Formula: DC voltage value * (exp (Scaling Factor value * 2.3025850929)) 


Thank you Mike. Works like a charm ;)