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Reconnection in every update

Doctore Esparta 1 month ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated by CS Domotic CS Domotic yesterday at 7:59 a.m. 6


I understand that it will not be me alone, but since the update to version 4.7.0 every time an update is made to any object in the themes panels, the configurator reloads the connection with the server and the tree has to be redeployed to locate the panel and continue working.

Is this behavior normal?


I don't have any problem like that.

Please backup the configuration, reinstall the Configurator app if possible, a import back the backup.

Sometimes when messing up a lot, the Configurator gets a little dizzy, especially after an update.

I had a similar problem, and reinstalling the software and the backup got me working back.

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this probably happens on main panel only? This issue occurred in some cases and was resolved with our BETA release, so try updating to the beta version and the problem should be resolved.

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I did not find anything similar in previous posts. Thanks, I will test the Beta version to see if the problem is solved

Today I have change my main panel, and I have the same issue. Version stable 4.7.0

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this issue was resolved with our BETA release. You can update to beta where many other issues were fixed as well. Please note that this is a BETA version which can also cause any other issues, not in current stable version.

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Ok but the server is in production. When the beta go to stable version ?