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Movement detector problem

Pedro Sanchez Gomariz 1 week ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 3 days ago 2

Hi there! In the very lasts updates of bOS Config, I've found a problem by adding the Movement Detector task. It shows me the red circle of problem, but it's still empy, every field is not filled and there's no error, so I don't know why it happens.

Actually, when I click the errors, it shows me

Tasks\Movement Detector ([Error]Disabled)

but I don't know what it means. 

Is there any way to remove the error? Thank you!!

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Hello Mr. Pedro,

have you followed all these steps (https://www.comfortclick.com/BOS/KnowledgeBase/MovementDetector) when adding movement detector in bOS? Does the error appear even if you add a new movement detector?

Best regards

Yes, just adding a new movement detector, the error appear. For example, in an empty project:

And filling the Output value and the Input Values in a KNX project with real and right data, doesn't fix it

Best regards!!