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Movement detector problem

Pedro Sanchez Gomariz 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 3

Hi there! In the very lasts updates of bOS Config, I've found a problem by adding the Movement Detector task. It shows me the red circle of problem, but it's still empy, every field is not filled and there's no error, so I don't know why it happens.

Actually, when I click the errors, it shows me

Tasks\Movement Detector ([Error]Disabled)

but I don't know what it means. 

Is there any way to remove the error? Thank you!!

Under review

Hello Mr. Pedro,

have you followed all these steps (https://www.comfortclick.com/BOS/KnowledgeBase/MovementDetector) when adding movement detector in bOS? Does the error appear even if you add a new movement detector?

Best regards

Yes, just adding a new movement detector, the error appear. For example, in an empty project:

And filling the Output value and the Input Values in a KNX project with real and right data, doesn't fix it

Best regards!!


which version of bOS are you running? try installing the latest beta driver. No errors should occur when simply adding the movement detector in.

Best regards.