Basic device and ASCII command

Andy Gill 8 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated 8 years ago 2

Hi There,

I'm trying to send an ASCII command to a device via RS232, the command is "T002:1" (Toggle address 2 relay 1) and the device it's controlling requires a carriage return to complete the command,which I believe in the bos setting needs to be in hex in the "new line" field so I'm using "0x0d", the documents for the device say to end with "/r"

I'm getting a Basic devices Error in the error log with no description,I can send the command from the command line using echo, but there is no response on the device from BOS?

Any pointers would be gratefully received.



the New Line input should be "0d" not "0x0d". Also could you check if your bOS version is 4.1.1?

Hi There,

Thanks I shall try that but I think that's what I originally tried, the new line that the device recognises when I send it a command from a terminal is /r which in hex I believe is 0x0d hence that command.

Yes my server is 4.1.1.