Dimmer slider not visible

Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 5 years ago 1


I have a problem with dimmer sliders, it is shown in transparent colours for some yet unknown reasons.

On my personal phone slider goes missing even when i open the full screen slider, just shows blank white space, when i press in the middle of it, the lights work at 50% as they should just the slider is not visible. I've tried to change the visualisation but havent found a way to get slider visible.
Same sliders are shown on the tablet and with another phone... so it must mean that my phone has some weird screen resolution or something but this has never happened before. And even if the resolution is off the full screen slider should work always... right?

This is how its set up in configurator. The other 2 pictures are taken from my phone.

Image 2099

Picture from my phone with full screen slider. Slider works but is not shown.

Image 2100

Picture from my phone in the main menu, small sliders are missing. Small sliders also work but are not visible. When i slide blindly to the left it turns off the lights.

Image 2101

Ok I found a way to get the sliders back, i needed to activate hardware acceleration on my phone. Without it its not showing them anymore. But here's the thing, it has always worked before. Even without the hardware acceleration. 

Calling this problem fixed now.