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Pablo Lopez 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by ComfortClick Support 5 years ago 1


Reading the manual of your Colibri, I see the following warnings:

  • Always shut down Colibri properly by shutting it down in bOS Configurator.
  • Don't shut down Colibri by unplugging it from the power supply.
  • The use of UPS is recommended.

Obviously we always protect our systems with a UPS, but What would happen if there is a power failure that lasts longer than the capacity of the UPS? Will the system work again? ... Will it have to be restarted manually?

If we automate that shutdown, how does the Colibri automatically turn on when the power returns?

If you have a solution for this case, please show it to me to apply it to my next projects.

I do not know if you have it planned, but I think you should integrate a small battery inside that automatically makes a soft shut down when detecting power failure... and of course, it will restart when the power returns.

I would greatly appreciate a response as quickly as possible, since it gives me a little "fear" to install it to one of my clients and one day that happens to him and nothing works at home.

Thanks Greetings

Pablo López

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if the power failure lasts longer than the UPS capacity, the colibri will shut down, but as soon as the power is restored, the Colibri will automatically power on and start working. There is no need for manual start of the system. Problems may occur when there are multiple, frequent power cuts which may cause SD card corruption. For this, jigsaw/colibri use a specific, more durable SD card which can withstand these power cuts more than other sd cards, but just like any other electronic device, it's never recommended to have frequent power cuts.

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