Basic Serial Device

Brent Broge 8 years ago in bOS Configurator / Devices updated by ComfortClick Support 8 years ago 4

Hi, I can send a command to a serial device successfully. My question is where does the received data go? I have a temperature sensor that is connected with a serial connector. I can send the request and I see the temperate in the debug window in comfort click (in hex format). How can I store this data in a value in comfort click to output that info in the client? Is this possible?


Hi, unfortunately for now it is only possible to send data from bOS. We will try to improve our Basic driver in future releases as soon as possible.

I have the same issue with the HTTP Driver. I can get the data back but I cannot store it anywhere. This is a must for me. I want to purchase a full license but the inability to store data is holding me back.

Any changes on this matter planned in the near future?


yes we are working on new basic driver which will enable two way communication. I cannot say exact date but we are working everything to release it as soon as possible.