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problems with irrigation task/ max precipitation value

Mecat SAS 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Tasks updated 5 years ago 2


i tried to use your task for irrigation.... no matter with low temperature thresold, while max precipitation thresold doesn't work fine.

Setting the thresold value upper or lower then its input value there is no change of status.

it seems like the input value doesn't update or threre is a failure while reading datalogger values.

For examples if the input value is precipitation last 24 h ( value 2.6 h) thresold becomes false only with 18 h thresold

(no hysteresis is set)



Under review


you probably mean the example from our Demo project? The example for irrigation on our webpage was mean't just for an example and it only shows how things can be done, you should use it for guidance and change your settings and values accordingly.

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i tried to use your example, everything works fine, referring input data to my weather station and changing values and programs .  The status of the precipitation thresold doesn't match with the thresold value of the limit that i set and the the input value that i can read in the counter log.

It seems like BOS reads smething different than the value i choose (ex last 24 hrs)

everything is ok using temperature thresold