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User show panel error

Jürgen Jürgenson 5 years ago in bOS Configurator / Themes updated 5 years ago 5


I wanted to make a program that reminds users if the Ventilation filter needs to be changed. So i made this program to trigger it: 

Image 1807

It worked in the beginning but now i get a error: 

Image 1808

NB we dont have all the users set in place yet so this is why I have linked it with theme Korter14 not with user, but i had it set on user too and the outcome is the same.

When I first made the program and tested it, all worked well. Program is activated everyday @10 am

What am I missing here?


Digging an old post from ComfortClick team, try this:

"to open a certain Panel using Program task, when using the ShowPanel function, go to: General/Users and select desired user and select wanted panel, it might still show [Error] but it should work anyway."

Hope it helps.

If not, will try to test it soon.

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This is how i did it the first time and it worked when i tested it but after a few days it stopped working. Maybe the problem is that i have only 1 user right now that has ~20 tablets linked to it... Will try again if i have them all setup. 



Had some time to do some testing, and in fact it's also not working for me... probably it's a bug.

But you can get around the problem:

- Create a panel, and select hidden, so that it doesn't appear on the bottom menu, and place the warnings you want

- On your task, add a Run command, select your theme, select the ShowPanel function, and choose the hidden panel

The only difference is that you're calling a panel, and not a "pop-up" panel. But I've tested and it worked... it's not the expected solution, but you can use it this way until CC team get if fixed.

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thank you for reporting these issues. We'll do some further tests regarding this and provide a fix as soon as possible.

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Update: After i setup all the users it works again, so imo the problem was with the default user account that just couldnt handle all the tablets it needed to display the panel.