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Hue socket issue?

Noel Fuentes 5 years ago in Devices / HUE updated 5 years ago 2


I've recently acquire an Osram socket, which is compatible with Hue. It's configured properly and bOS detected it. The thing is that I cannot add it to a scene nor add it to a program trigger: the value property remains grey and no option is shown (image down below).

Anyone with this problem or it's just me? :)

Thanks in advance.


Image 1763

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Osram system is a very new one and even though it's compatible with HUE, it seems that it sends different type of values to our system, which are not yet supported. The demand and questions regarding Osram system are high and we will try and implement this feature into bOS as well. Can you provide us with the Osram and HUE hardware you're currently using and trying to integrate into bOS ? Are you using Osram socket, lights, HUE lights?

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First of all, thanks for your reply.

I'm using 2 Philips bulbs, one Osram bulb and one Osram socket:

Hue bridge

Model: BSB002

SW: 1810251352

Philips lights

Model: LWB010

SW: 1.43.13_r26312

Osram ligh

Model: Classic B40 TW - LIGHTIFY

SW: V1.05.10

Osram socket

Model: Plug 01

SW: v1.04.12

(data from the Hue app)

Osram light works properly. It only happens with the socket.

Best regards.